diseño trofeo a medida boceto ecodiseño original

Personalised design for trophies


Hiring our product design service enables our technical team to develop a unique concept for your trophy.

In addition to the trophy itself, we provide graphic material and texts so that you can convey the message of your event and the award.


Designing a fully customized trophy is one of the most challenging tasks we gladly take on at Sustain Awards. By creating a shared space where we collaborate with the client, we make all our experience available to shape a trophy that precisely reflects their original concept.

During this process, we carry out tasks such as:

- Conceptualization.

- Virtual prototyping.

- Graphic design.

- Drafting the communication content for your trophy.

The production costs for the trophy or series of trophies must be budgeted separately.

  Pídenos presupuesto a través de nuestro formulario de contacto, llámanos por teléfono al (+34) 652 971 155, contáctanos directamente por Whatsapp o  escríbenos a info@sustainawards.com.

If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us or call us by phone.