3d trophies

3D trophies


Bring every idea to life by creating a 3D trophy.

The possibilities are endless, and our product design team will help you create the perfect prize that reflects the spirit of the event and your corporate image. The philosophy behind Sustain Awards ensures that our team continually researches the latest developments in the design and production of sustainable products.


In this field, 3D printing has undoubtedly revolutionized, allowing experimentation with new designs and materials. This creates an ideal framework to develop and implement new environmentally friendly production processes.

Therefore, at Sustain Awards, we have embraced this new form of production, allowing us to create trophies using 3D printing and manufactured with the latest recycled materials, placing us at the forefront of sustainable design.

Moreover, this process enables great precision in the formal application of the design, resulting in unique objects that clearly embody the values you want to reward. Our team, with extensive experience in creating awards, aims for every new idea or project entrusted to us by our clients to be a faithful representation of all the values they wish to convey.

Ask us for a budget through our contact form, call us by phone at (+34) 652 971 155, contact us directly by Whatsapp or write us at info@sustainawards.com.

If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


If you have any questions, you can always contact us or call us by phone.