Institutional trophies

At Sustain Awards, we understand that an institution, whether public or private, is an entity dedicated to specific values, be they cultural, scientific, sporting, or social. To strengthen and convey these values, institutional trophies serve as the perfect means.

By rewarding a specific achievement or project, we aim to provide visibility and recognition to individuals or companies whose work and efforts align with the ideals of each institution.

Therefore, we offer you our range of institutional trophies, specially designed to be the ideal objects to reflect the values you want to reward. Made according to the standards of eco-design and sustainable development, they demonstrate a commitment to the environment while conveying the ideas and principles of each event.

With a spacious customizable surface where the name of the awardee, the logo of your institution, or the event slogan can be engraved, they are ideal for any institutional occasion where formal sobriety is particularly important.

Hence, our elegant institutional trophies with minimalist lines are the ideal platform to capture the values you want to recognize.

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