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Ski trophies


The ski trophies in our catalogue are made entirely from recycled materials and low environmental impact processes.

Stylish and avant-garde ski trophies for your sporting competition.

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 A ski trophy is a trophy unlike any other type of sport, such as a football or basketball trophy. It is a sport that loves nature and relies on nature to be able to practice it, as the use of artificial snow does not have the same relevance as the enjoyment of a skiing competition with natural snow.

The production of trophies in skiing, and in any other sport, is highly polluting. This is due to the use of heavy metals or crystals, which together with the large amount of energy consumed to mould it, cause a great environmental impact.

However, at Sustain Awards, together with the great design team we have, we find that the production of our cheap ski trophies is of the highest quality and with minimal environmental impact for our users. 

So, if a sport as demanding as skiing spends so much time and effort on creating athletes and preserving them, why not spend that time and effort also on having an eco-friendly personalised ski trophy to preserve the ski slopes where this wonderful sport is enjoyed?

That's what we're focusing on at Sustain Awards: personalised ski trophies that are totally sustainable and where you control the style you want them to have.

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If you want your trophies customized select the option CUSTOM ENGRAVING: YES when configuring your trophy. 


Once you finalize the order our design team will contact you to customize your trophy.


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